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The patient care manager directs the unit, under the supervision of the assistant administrator. The unit consists of a highly trained staff of RNs. For questions or more information, call 479-964-9293.

Helping our kids
for a stronger community.

At Millard-Henry Clinic, we take a team approach to caring for kids from birth to 18 years of age. By working together, we believe we are not only helping kids grow stronger but are helping to grow a stronger community for generations to come.

To schedule an appointment with one of our pediatricians for your child, call Millard-Henry Clinic/Atkins at 479.641.2255 or Russellville at 479.968.2345.

Pediatric providers with children from community

Jonathan Brixey, MD   ·   Barry McCraw, MD  ·   Kristen Nelson, MD  ·   Rick Harrison, MD
Christina Bartlett, MD  ·   Chad Masters, MD  ·   Madison Orsburn, MD  ·   Lynette Smith, MD

8 am - 5 pm | Monday - Friday
9 am - 12 pm | Saturday (at the the main clinic)

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