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Laboratory Services

Personnel have been trained to perform their jobs. The Lab currently employs about 17 full time employees. The staff is composed of professional personnel who include Medical Technologist, Medical Laboratory Technicians, Phlebotomist, and a coordinator. As a part of the team at Saint Mary’s Regional Health System, these persons acquire and analyze patient specimens in a tightly controlled professional environment, prior to reporting the test results to the physician as soon as possible through well designed systems, which include a highly sophisticated information system.

Testing is performed in the areas of: Hematology, Chemistry, Special Chemistry, Microbiology, Serology, Urinalysis and Blood Banking.All testing is performed only at the written request of a physician. When coming for testing it is required that you bring a Lab Requisition signed by your physician to include a test ordered and a narrative diagnosis.

Some tests do require fasting for accurate results. If the testing includes a glucose level you should fast at least 6 hours prior to your test. If the testing includes cholesterol and triglyceride levels you should fast 12 hours prior to your test. Fasting for these purposes is defined as abstinence from food and drink (water is permissible when consumed in small quantities).

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