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Medical/Surgical Care

In the Med/Surg department we serve adults and children who are hospitalized to receive treatments and medications, or those who are staying to recovery from surgical procedures. The nursing staff caring for our patients has a wide variety of training and experience. Treating patients from seasoned seniors to infants, our nurses are lifelong learners, taking continuing education classes in current medical procedures and technology.

In addition to the nursing staff, a patient in the Med/Surg department will come in contact with many of our dedicated staff members, including physicians, pharmacy, dietary, social workers, respiratory therapists, speech and occupational therapists, all working together to coordinate individual care treatment plans.

Living out our mission and values in caring for patients is our goal. Knowing you can come to Saint Mary’s Regional Medical Center to receive high quality, compassionate care from those who are committed to your well being, you can be sure we are striving to exceed your expectations.

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