Ultrasound is an examination that utilizes sound waves to produce an image. The image produced is called a sonogram. Ultrasounds have many different uses and since there is no radiation involved, it is considered risk free.

Ultrasound exams that we perform include but are not limited to: Abdominal, Gallbladder, Renal, Testicular, Thyroid, Pelvic, Endo vaginal, 1st trimester OB early for dates, 2nd trimester complete anatomy scan, and 3rd trimester OB for growth. Biopsies, Amniocentesis, Paracentesis, and Thoracentesis, and Drains are also performed.

After hour’s exam are performed on an emergency basis through the Emergency Department. These exams include, Ectopic pregnancies, Testicular torsion, Pregnancy with heavy bleeding, and Ovarian torsion/TOA. All OB exams must have BETA HCG completed before the tech is called in. All 1st trimester OB and Pelvis exams must have a full bladder or a Foley Catheter in place.