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Saint Mary’s Regional Medical Center Clinical Services

The clinical-ancillary staff at Saint Mary’s Regional Medical Center includes the departments of Electrodiagnostics, Laboratory, Radiology and Respiratory Services. These departments offer a variety of diagnostic services to inpatients and outpatients 24 hours a day, seven days a week. SMRMC’s clinical staff aids physicians in the diagnosis and care of our patients and interact with practically all other departments in the medical center.

SMRMC’s clinical employees are highly-skilled and dedicated to providing quality patient care. They consistently strive to improve patient care by introducing new tests, procedures and equipment that have the potential of providing the patient with a reduced hospital stay, consequently reducing health care costs both for the patient and for SMRMC. All of these departments are highly technical, utilizing advanced equipment and techniques. The scientific advances of the past two decades have enabled us to diagnose disease sooner, intervene more quickly and treat patients more successfully than we ever imagined possible.