Patient Education

Introducing My Health Record, powered by Saint Mary’s Regional Health System

My Health Record is an online service through which you can access your personal health records anytime, anywhere.  You can use it view your medical record, record your health notes, view test results, communicate with your healthcare providers and more.

One of the most convenient features of My Health Record is the online Personal Health Record (PHR). The PHR allows you to store, view, and update all your health information in one secure place.  Only you can decide who has access to your medical history, which ensures your privacy.

You can also use it to help manage the health of someone you care for, with their permission. Using a PHR can help people make better health decisions and improve their quality of care by allowing them to access and use the information needed to communicate effectively with others about their healthcare.

Here’s a list of some of the things you can do through My Health Record:

  • View your health record online
  • Record your own personal health notes
  • View or request lab and other test results
  • Review hospital discharge summaries
  • Review medications
  • Access medically reviewed information
  • Communicate with your health providers – My Health Record is a secure HIPAA-compliant messaging service.  It is a safe and confidential way to communicate your non-urgent healthcare needs.  Of course, before you can begin, both you and your physician have to agree to communicate online using this system.  Here are the links you’ll need to access My Health Record, powered by Saint Mary’s Regional Health System.

Register – To set up your account

– To sign-in to an existing account

Informational links

The website myPHR, administered by AHIMA and the AHIMA Foundation, provides some excellent resources, including these:

And, from the website, check out the “Patients and Families” section.

21st century Health Information Technology

Health Information Technology, or Health IT for short, is upgrading our healthcare system for the 21st Century. Today’s technology is converting the information in our paper records into an electronic format which allows you and your doctors to have access to your health information when and where it’s needed. Learn more about the benefits of health IT and how online, secure access to your health record can help make sure you get the best care. Click below to watch the 3-minute video.


For assistance

If you need help accessing My Health Record, please contact Annette Smith, Director of Health Information Management, at 479-964-9107.