Thank an Employee

At Saint Mary’s, we strive to consistently live out our mission and values while providing compassionate, courteous care. If during your visit you observe a staff member who exceeds your expectations, or provides extraordinary service, please complete the form below and the employee will be nominated for Saint Mary’s Promise Star Award.

You may also choose to have your message sent directly as a thank you to the employee. Please note that because these messages are either emailed to employees who are mentioned, or are printed and hand-delivered, we cannot guarantee privacy. Because of this, and the fact that general email inherently is not a secure form of communication, we highly recommend that you not communicate any information that is confidential or private in nature via this form.

Thank An Employee/Promise Star Nomination

  • Please describe how the team member exceeded your expectations.
  • Please let us know the approximate date of the stay (if multiple days, the entire period isn't needed).
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