OUR MISSION: To bring health to life through people caring for people.

OUR VISION: Saint Mary’s will attract and retain the most qualified and compassionate team of caregivers, making us the health care provider of choice in the Arkansas River Valley.

OUR VALUES: Teamwork, Effective Communication, Measurable Safety, Measurable Quality, Continuous Improvement, Active Compassion, Mutual Respect, and Integrity.


Teamwork and Effective Communication are the rails because they hold everything together. They become the means by which our values are actuated.

ladderAT THE TOP
Measurable Safety is the top rung because it is our preeminent concern. Before any decision is made, before any action is taken, we will ask and answer the question, “Is it safe?”

Measurable Quality is also at the top because we pursue the highest quality of care, in accordance with the best available
evidence-based practice.

Continuous improvement is a central motivation. It is defined by our efforts to continuously assess, evaluate, measure, and

Active compassion is also near the center because it our principal motivation. It is the reason we answer the calling of health care as a vocation.

Mutual respect is next because it is built upon the firm base of integrity. It qualifies all relationships within the organization, including patient, visitor, staff, physician, and supplier.

Integrity is the bottom rung because it is the most foundational. Everything else is built upon integrity, and it serves as the basis for our every transaction.


SERVICE – We are committed to exceeding the expectations of our patients, patient families and our co-workers in a helpful and courteous manner.

QUALITY – We strive to do things right the first time and continually look for ways to improve.

INTEGRITY – We perform our jobs in an ethical manner, with honesty, sincerity, and respect for others. We value diversity, recognizing and honoring the differences among others.

RESPONSIBILITY – We do what we say we are going to do and take ownership of our work and our behavior.

TIMELINESS – We promptly respond to patients because they are our highest priority; we meet or exceed all deadlines and help our co-workers do the same.

PROFESSIONALISM – We consistently demonstrate behavior that is work emulating and reflects well on the organization.

TEAMWORK – We work and communicate effectively with others to get the job done and to bring out the best in each other and the organization.

RESOURCEFULNESS – We search for the best ways to respond to our patients needs because we know we do not stand alone in the marketplace.

FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY – We use our resources wisely and efficiently to achieve our goals.

DEVELOPMENT – We are dedicated to enhancing our professional and personal knowledge and skills, and to assisting our co-workers in their development efforts.