Saint Mary’s Cancer Center Patients Can Now Ring In Celebration After Treatment

When Belinda Farmer became director at Saint Mary’s Cancer Center a few months ago, she noticed patients had no way to celebrate and mark the completion of their treatment.

Belinda ordered a celebration bell as a way to provide closure and a spark of joy for patients. When she spoke to her husband Scott about her plans, he suggested they donate the bell in memory of Belinda’s mother, Janet Hart.

In December 2018, Janet Hart passed away after a years-long battle with thyroid cancer that included three rounds of radiation treatment.

Belinda and Scott describe Janet as a ” people person” who loved God and others deeply. She was the kind of person who took a week off from work to volunteer at Vacation Bible School.

“I think she’s in heaven now, rejoicing every time the bell rings,” Belinda said. Since the installation, nearly 15 people have had the chance to ring the bell.

Now, that is something to celebrate!

– Carleigh Powell