U.S. Rep. Steve Womack talked about health care, term limits and party affiliation with managers of Saint Mary’s Regional Health System during a casual meeting Tuesday at the hospital.

After Womack addressed the group, he fielded questions, mostly related to health care, from the audience of more than 25.

Someone asked Womack’s opinion regarding Obamacare, specifically how the congressman felt it would affect small business owners in Arkansas.

“I think it will be thrown out next month,” Womack responded to the first question. “I would be very surprised if the Supreme Court didn’t rule it unconstitutional.”

Womack went on to say that GOP is prepared to advance a new type of health care reform that will include the private sector as well as Medicare.

The only nonmedical or insurance question came from one audience member who requested Womack’s personal opinion about the capabilities of Mitt Romney if he were to be elected president.

“He’s been through a tense GOP process,” Womack answered. “He will always have it in the back of his mind that he was not the ideal pick and he knows he will need the support of Congress to advance any reasonable agenda. To his credit, he does a fascinating private sector background and success at creating jobs.”

Womack thanked the group for allowing him the time to speak and for their insightful questions.