Saint Mary’s Volunteers are working to expand their W.H.A.L.E. project. WHALE stands for We Have A Little Emergency. Whale information and stickers are distributed by our caring OB nurses when mom and baby are discharged. Whale stickers are attached to the car seat and contain vital information about baby. In the event of a car accident or incident with the baby, EMS or first responders have much needed information at their fingertips.

The WHALE project is nationwide and endorsed by AHAA State Volunteers, state and local police, EMS, and first responders. So even if the baby’s family is traveling, it is likely that trained personnel across the country know where to look for crucial information if necessary.

Volunteers are asking for your help to continue funding this worthy project. Please see the attached flyer and begin collecting “Best Choice” UPC labels, which can be found on many products at Harp’s and CashSaver. Many thanks to the Dietary Department for providing the volunteers with a collection box space in the Cafeteria. Look for the bright green box, We Need You To Eat! Thank you for supporting this worthwhile cause.