The volunteens just wrapped up a record-breaking summer for the total number of hours contributed and were recognized with a day full of pizza and bowling to “chill” before they head back to school for the fall. In between all of the laughter and I-pod music the teen’s were asked what they enjoyed most about volunteering this summer…


“Going home knowing that I made a difference in someone’s life;” Mary
“Getting to help people in need;” Matthew.


“Taking people where they needed to go and hearing their stories;” Sarah.

“Seeing people light up when I delivered flowers to their room;” Sam.

“Building relationships with other volunteens and people at the hospital;” Mary Jo.

“Getting to help people in need, which really helps me with my future career in nursing. I am just sad that the summer has come to an end so quickly;” Brannah.

“I really enjoyed volunteering. My favorite part was helping Shelly in Outpatient Services. Helping patients is also a big part of why I like it;” Maria.

“The best thing about volunteering at Saint Mary’s is helping others;” Felicia.

“Hospital employees were always willing to answer questions. They were always very kind;” Ellie.