It was a hot and humid June morning; the sun was shining down brightly and the heat was radiating off the two-chartered buses parked in the Saint Mary’s parking lot. For some, this would be a day to stay out of the heat, but for the 70 smiling faces that were boarding the bus; it was a day to be remembered. On the morning of June 12, 2007, 74 Vintage Club members gathered in the Saint Mary’s parking lot for a day full of fun. The group filled two luxury motor coaches, creating an atmosphere full of excitement and energy. They pulled out of the parking lot at 10:00 am and headed for downtown Little Rock to cruise on the Arkansas Queen River Boat and tour Heifer Project International. On the drive, the members and guests enjoyed bottled water, miniature candy bars, and great conversation Vintage members and guests had a chance to catch up with Vintage friendship during the drive, as well as make new friends. The first stop was the Arkansas Queen River Boat, where members and guests were treated to a wonderful lunch and LIVE Dixieland entertainment. Lunch consisted of chicken a la orange, green beans, rice, Caesar salad, fruit salad, a dinner roll, and a scrumptious oatmeal raisin cookie. “For the price, I can afford to get out more… Today is my day out; Today I am somebody,” said Anita Martin.

The Vintage trips are not only planned for relaxation, but for educational purposes as well. After the relaxing cruise, the motor coach headed to Heifer International. Volunteer tour guides at Heifer offered valuable information on the materials used to construct the self-sustaining “green” building. Tour guides explained that the building collects rainwater on top of the roof to heat and cool the building, rather than use city water. The recycled materials used to create the building were also discussed on the tour.

“Why can’t we do houses like that?” asked Sue Reed. When the bus pulled back into Saint Mary’s parking lot in the afternoon, Vintage members exchanged hugs, smiles, and farewells with fellow members. They walked away talking about the events of the day and of the trip in July. It may have been a steamy June day, but it is one the Vintage Club will soon not forget.

Saint Mary’s and Royalty Tours will be traveling to the Subiaco Monastery, Mount Magazine visitors lodge, and the Grapevine restaurant in Paris, AR next month on July 10. The Monastery has a rich historical as well as spiritual heritage. The impressive sandstone buildings and the Romanesque-style of the Abbey Church will no doubt inspire guests as they learn of its history. The Grapevine restaurant in Paris will host the Vintage Club for a savory lunch.

And to finish off the day, the Vintage Club will enjoy fantastic views from the tallest mountain in the state of Arkansas, Mount Magazine. If you have questions about Vintage services or events, call the Community Relations office at 479-968- 5683. For information about trips, contact Parker or Sandy DeVore of Royalty Tours at 479-890-6774.